Lady Grey

She is a woman with many facets, like the Lady whose name she bears.
Spiritual and Blessed, some say, when they see God’s thumbprint on her side.
Others say she is Mysterious when they hear about the her Myths and Legends.
She is … the most beautiful village, Lady Grey.
A farrier once said he can see God's thumbprint on the mountain...​
Beautifully set in a valley against the backdrop of mountains, many trees, a number of interesting historic buildings and more gravel than tarred streets, Lady Grey is the jewel in the crown, one of the most scenic towns, in the Eastern Cape.
The area is rich in various types of fossils which makes it true Dinosaur country.  Imagine various ancient animals walking around in the area.
Lady Grey was founded in 1856 when the farm Waaihoek was bought by the Dutch Reformed Church of Aliwal North to establish a new congregation. 
A number of interesting and remarkable people featured in the history of Lady Grey, such as Rev. David Ross, a great leader during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He was involved with the layout of the town and is seen as a father of education in Lady Grey. 
There was also Rev. Jozef Wolhuter, during whose time the beautiful DR Church was built and the “plucky” Post Mistress, Sarah Glueck, who played an important role during the Anglo-Boer War and made newspaper headlines in Britain. 
Then there was the Town Warden, Hendrik Klopper, the legendary giant, in charge of the construction workers of the Lady Grey Dam. 
There were humble farmers, Cloete, Stephenson and the Joubert family, who, against all odds, planned and built Jouberts Pass.
The historic buildings in Lady Grey include the beautiful sandstone church which is a national monument. 
The town is also home to the head office of Senqu Local Municipality which has achieved clean audits  since 2014 and is listed as one of the Best Municipalities in South Africa.