Passion Play

“The greatest Passion Play in Africa...”

Lady Grey Passion Play
The great Lady Grey Passion Play takes place once a year during the Easter weekend.  For three days the cast and audience is lead from place to place in the village to act out the various scenes.
DR Church in Lady Grey where many of the scenes of the Passion Play are enacted.
Features such as the beautiful old DR Church,  the Perdedam and the streets of Lady Grey become the settings for moving scenes from the life of Jesus.  This makes for great audience participation.

The cast consists of learners and staff of the Lady Grey Arts Academy as well as locals from the community.  This is also a showcase for all disciplines of the Lady Grey Arts Academy.  While the Drama department takes care of acting and physical theatre,  the Dance Department takes care of dance and choreography and the well known ALTECH Choir of the Academy fills in with the most beautiful singing.  The sets and costumes are taken care of by the Fine Arts department. 

“Die Oberammergau van Suid Afrika…” Nols Nieman (Volksblad)

“For a Passion Play that will truly involve you, visit Lady Grey this Easter.” Russel Wasserfall (SA Country Life Magazine)